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Public Transport
Norway Train Pass
Norway train pass is available on the national train that operate on an unlimited pass for validity date.
Valid for travel on direct trains between Oslo and Gøteborg (Sweden) and between Oslo and Stockholm (Sweden).

Private Rail Road
30% reduction from Myrdal to Flam on the Flamsbana private railroad.

10% discount during high season ( June 20 - August 17) and 20% discount during lower season on the Fjord Line. Hirtshals-Kristiansand
Hirtshals-Langesund (20% discount all year)

50% reduction on the bus from Andalsnes to Molde (operated by Veoy Buss AS.)
50% reduction on the bus from Andalsnes to Alesund (operated by Nettbus More AS)

Free admission to Railway museum Hamar
Minipris 이용방법
Every month, we make available thousands of Minipris fares from NOK 249,- on all NSB Regiontog (inter-city) departures.

Minipris is an offer determined by by the interaction of demand and availability.

Consequently, price may vary over time and you may find fewer Minipris tickets on the most popular departures.

Minipris tickets must be purchased no later than the day prior to travelling.

Minipris tickets cannot be cancelled/exchanged or refunded.
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By Car
Traffic Laws
- The driver must drive on the right lane, overtaking on the right lane on all roads is strictly prohibited.
- When you pass through the tunnel, even during the day, you must turn on the headlights.
- Drivers must obey the regulation speed.
Driver license
Foreign travelers must obtain an international driver's license issued prior to departure.
Gasoline Prices
Statoil Gasoline Prices
Bedrift -> Drivstoff -> Drivstoff priser
Norwegian as to the Drivstoff priser as Gasoline prices.

Esso Gasoline prices
Car Rental
Learn precautions before renting a car
Avis Car Rental
Hertz Car Rental
Europcar Car Rental
BisletbilutleieCar Rental
Easycar Car Rental
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Passport and Visa
We recommend that you obtain a valid passport to travel to Norway.
Norway is the case within three months does not require a visa.
Travel expenses and budgets
Norway, it is recommended that you use a Visa credit card.
If Norway travel this decision, you first need to secure a good idea to exchange money for a trip to Norway.
Please contact the Korea Exchange Bank headquarters in exchange for treats.

Currency used in Norway

Norway is a very expensive price.
Time difference
Norway is eight hours later than Korea.
Clothing and Necessities
Severe weather changes, and the temperature difference between day and night, even in summer sweater and so on, the cursor is needed, especially should pay attention to the cold.
Norway is a big difference in climate, depending on area to visit.
Sunglasses are a necessity in order to travel to high altitude areas in Norway.
Norway's voltage is 220 volts and Electrical products in Korea, so alternating current (AC) is available.
Travel medicines
The travel portable emergency medicine is desirable.
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Porterservice can offer a safe and secure transportation of your customer's luggage using train between Oslo and Bergen and also Bergen - Oslo.

Porterservice prices per piece is 250 NOK including VAT.

For travel agencies Porterservice offers pick up from the hotel reception between 6:30 and 9:00 am.

For individual travelers Porterservice will give a specific pick up time usually between 6:00 and 7:45 am from the hotel reception.

The luggage will be ready at destination hotel latest 9 pm the same afternoon. (To and fro hotels downtown cities)

From 2013 Porterservice can also provide service to the hotels at Oslo Airport Gardermoen for an extra cost of NOK 750 per delivery/drop.

Porterservice works seven days a week. Relative Site : http://www.porterservice.no/

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Travel Tips
Norway is rarely paid.
Tap water is available for drinking without constant.
There is no problem to drink the tap water. But the Norwegian people buy bottled drinks.
Water is Mineral water or Sparkling water
Postoffice Use
If you send a letter or postcard to Korea will use your recipients in Korea and Korean.
You still need to base the Air Mail Korea and South Korea when sending mail.
Phone Use
How to use a public phone
Payphone in Norway is to use the card as using a coin.
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Dining culture
Norwegians are the four meals a day.
Norway typical breakfast eats mainly fish served with tomatoes and boiled vegetables.
Norwegians are eating out food culture did not develop due to the cultural life roaming the seas.
Meals prefer black bread black bread rather than white bread as the bread more nutritious.
Norway traditional restaurants in Oslo city
Roasted Klipfish : Det Gamle Raadhus

Norway traditional restaurants in Bergen city
House of Era AS
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Major Airlines
Air via Europe
KLM Airline

Lufthansa Airline

Finair Airline

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Region Information
Oslo Taxi Approximately 690 kroner is needed to Oslo Central Station in Oslo airport.
Bergen Taxi 07000 Price is based on the starting price of stop + 8 km + 13 minutes paid time, rounded to the nearest whole krone.
Norge Taxi 08000 Approximately 610 kroner is needed to Oslo Central Station in Oslo airport.
Approximately 330 kroner is needed to Bergen Central Station in Bergen airport.
Taxi Notices :

We recommend that you prepare for change.
Tell us your destination clearly before boarding
Destination, it's worth asking the taxi fare.
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