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KCC 나라

A a [aː]   P p [peː]
B b [beː]   Q q [kuː]
C c [seː]   R r [aeː]
D d [deː]   S s [es]
E e [eː]   T t [teː]
F f [ef]   U u [uː]
G g [geː]   V v [veː]
H h [hoː]   W w [dobeltveː]
I i [iː]   X x [eks]
J j [jo'd]   Y y [yː]
K k [koː]   Z z [se't]
L l [el]   AE æ [æː]
M m [em]   Ø ø [oeː]
N n [en]   [oː]
O o [ωː]        
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Pronounce of vowel
Vowel : a, e, i, o, u, y, æ, ø,
a [a(ː)] Bakke[ba´ke`] Hill
Bake[ba´ːke`] Roast
e 1) [e(ː)] '
2) [e]
3) [’]
4) [æ(ː)] , [-æ(ː)r-]
En[en] One
Tre[treː] Three
Lese[le´ːse`] Read
Mannen[man’n] The man
Sønnen[soen’n] The son
Der[dæːr] There
Her[hæːr] Here
i [i(ː)] Vinter[vínter] Winter
Vin[viːn] Wine
o [ω(ː)] Stor[stωːr] Big
u 1) [u(ː)]
2) -ng, -kk, -m [ω]
Full[fu'l] Full
Buss[bu's] Bus
y [y(ː)] Bygge[by´ge´] Building
By[byː] City
Ny[nyː] New
æ [æ(ː)] Nærme[næ´me`] Approach
Færre[fæ´'re] Fewer
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